American Bulk CBD Terpsolate (Cannabis Terpene + Isolate) Wholesale UK

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What is CBD Terpsolate?

Terpsolate is fairly new on the CBD scene, but it is quickly being recognised as a powerful and improved way to make CBD isolate. Terpsolate is a unique formulation of terpenes and isolates, with a purified hemp terpene fraction. The fact that Terpsolate contains only isolated CBD and cannabis derived terpenes makes it a more premium version of isolate. Which means it is much more pleasant to use in a smoking routine, or for vaping.

Our terpsolate comes in an attractive light-yellow crystal form, and has a wonderful cannabis odour and subtle taste.


This premium CBD Terpsolate is the purest form available anywhere in the UK.

This cannabidiol isolate with terpenes is CO2 extracted, organic, gluten free, vegan friendly and free from any harmful chemicals.

Third-party US lab tested for:

  • cannabinoid profile
  • pesticides
  • residual solvents
  • microbials
  • mycotoxins
  • heavy metals

Tests are conducted for each production batch as per US regulations. Please see the attached lab report images for all of the information. 

  • 95% Pure CBD Terpsolate in yellow crystal form
  • Pleasant odour and flavour
  • Free from harmful chemicals, organisms and metals
  • Fully lab tested and safety checked
  • Organic, gluten-free and vegan isolate and terpenes
  • Farmed in Oregon, US
  • GMP Manufactured in the South Carolina, US
  • CO2 extracted/non-synthetic cannabidiol


What can our wholesale CBD terpsolate be used for?

Due to the unique flavour profile of CBD terpsolate, it is most ideal for use in edibles, oils, dabbing, vaping and smoking.

Ingredients:  Pure CBD Terpsolate (terpenes + isolate) THC level<0.2%